Owner trained assistance dog

You already have a dog that you would like to train together with an assistance dog trainer?

Or you would like to start the training as an assistance dog with a puppy that has been living with you from the beginning?

No problem, the Maltese Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q. ® will gladly help you! With a qualified assistance dog trainer at your side you can professionally train your own dog to become an assistance dog. You may decide whether you want to do the training in individual lessons with a trainer near you, in a compact training or combined intensive training.


Individual lessons or group lessons in your area

Do you prefer the training as you know it from a normal dog school? Then come to the assistance dog trainer in your area for one hour every week! Or do you only need a training hour once a month or only every two months? No problem. How often you want to take a training lesson is up to you. Even during the training you can always arrange with the assistance dog trainer if you want a longer period between training sessions or if you want to see the trainer once more because you are working on a difficult task with your dog. Arrange the training of your assistance dog according to your wishes. And decide for yourself how much you want to spend in total on the training of your assistance dog. Many assistance dog trainers also offer additional discounts.

The self-training in individual lessons can be tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

You can find you trainer here.