About us

Help for self-help - that was our concern when the first assistance dogs were trained in 2007. At that time there were only a few assistance dogs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and these were trained in external training. One searched in vain for possibilities of self-training with an own dog. Warning dogs and PTSD assistance dogs did not even exist at that time. Out of necessity, our founders, who themselves live with a handicap, fought for a chance to get an assistance dog. As there were no trainings for assistance dog trainers at that time, many hurdles were waiting for them. It seemed impossible to train a diabetes warning dog in self-training. The way was stony and difficult. At first it led over the USA, where much help, support and a training as a dog trainer was waiting. After the first own dog could be trained as an assistance dog, within days it got around first in the neighbourhood and then in the whole country that there was now a diabetes warning dog. The phone didn't stop ringing and more and more people called, hearing from an acquaintance and his acquaintances that there might be help for diabetics now.

So the first trainings for diabetes warning dogs began - out of the will to help other affected people. The first dogs were trained free of charge and voluntarily. But then more and more calls came and a decision had to be made: Continue your studies at the university or help people?

- Just help -

This became the credo and the foundation of the assistance dog centre T.A.R.S.Q.

At that time, when the first warning dogs were trained on a voluntary basis simply out of charity, nobody would have thought that it would ever become the largest organization for assistance dogs for self-training. Today we have over 100 assistance dog trainers in our team, who work in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and some other European countries or are in training to become assistance dog trainers. But the wish has still remained the same:

                                                                                                            - Just help -