News 2020


May Maltese Assistance dog Center opened


Covid-19-Dog Project started.




On Thursday 10.7.2019 Hitradio Antenne broadcast a slot on "Helfer auf Vier Pfoten" ("Helpers on Four Paws") during their morning show from 5:00 till 10:00. Assistance dog trainer Daniela Karius from the German Assistance Dog Center in Karlsruhe was invited by Hitradio Antenne to do an interview.


Do you want a puppy who you can train to be a PTSD assistance dog? Or are you looking for a puppy for autism assistance dog training? Peter Pan and Paddington Bear are waiting for YOU. Get to know the little ones.


Do you live in Berlin? Do you want to train your own dog to be an assistance dog or are you looking for a puppy who you can go through the training with? Then we have the perfect trainer for you. Please contact Ms. Gruening for a meeting.


Attention Bad Kreuznach!

If you see this car, your assistance dog contact person is not far away.

As of now you can train your assistance dog with a qualified trainer in this region.


If you come from Mainz and are asking yourself when you too can finally get an assistance dog, the answer is NOW! As of now Ms. Köhler is available in Mainz as a qualified trainer for your future helper on four paws.


  1. June 2019

Pia helps woman to her feet: This article was published in the Lippstadt newspaper "Der Patriot" about the training of Pia and her owner with assistance dog trainer Ms. Niemeyer from Soest. The newspaper explains how Pia the dog is learning to help. Read more. Part 1. Part 2


Are you looking for a puppy who can help you and who you can train to be a PTSD assistance dog? We have a little mouse who is still looking for her partner. She can also help with autism or work as an ESA. Get to know her! HERE

Assistance dog trained for London (England): an assistance dog holder from London (England) travelled with her assistance dog in training to Nordrhein-Westfalen to train at the German Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q.. The assistance dog team meanwhile succesfully passed the assistance dog team exam of the evaluation committee. The dog will work as a fully trained assistance dog in England from now on.


Assistance dog for Singapore: an assistance dog was trained in professional assisted training for the first time in Singapore. In order to train her her own fully suitable dog the assistance dog owner worked regularly with a trainer from the German Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q.


Assistance dog has an audience at the Vatican: an assistance dog from the German Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q., along with her assistance dog owner, had an audience at the Vatican with Archbishop Gaenswein. The Archbishop blessed the entire team, including the assistance dog.


The German Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q. has regularly worked with students for their Bachelors and Masters dissertations for many years. A PTSD assistance dog from the German Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q. is currently supporting a photography student in the 7th semester with her Bachelor dissertation. Her dissertation depicts the life of a person affected by PTSD and their communcation with their assistance dog in a series of pictures.


The German Assistance Dog Center T.A.R.S.Q is in the magazine Spektrum Gehirn & Geist 06/2019 with trainer Mrs. Karius in a long article on PTSD assistance dogs and assistance dogs for mental illnesses.


The magazine Tinnitus-Forum 2/2019 has published an article on hearing dogs.



Puppies looking for their partner for life. We have alert dogs, PTSD assistance dog puppies, puppies for depression, hearing dogs. All of the little ones are looking for a partner. Get to know them!

Fully trained assistance dog Zinka is looking for her new partner. Get to know Zinka! Video and Information


  1. The training of an ESA dog trainer in cooperation with Gut Paulshof GbR ESA (Emotional Support Dogs) supports people with mental illnesses or disabilities through their presence and loyalty. ESA are not assistance dogs, as they don't learn any classic aid, but they help emotionally and create a controlled daily structure. As of now you can train as a professional ESA-trainer and help even more people in the future. Information


The German parliament has agreed to fund the absorption of the cost of a PTSD assistance dog to the amount of 10,000 Euros. The fund will pay up to 19,100 Euros for a fully trained assistance dog.


Are you looking for a qualified trainer for mobility assistance dogs and diabetes alert dogs in Rostock? Now you've found him! Secure your place with your trainer in the Rostock region!


Attention Guestrow! From today there's an assistance dog trainer in Guestrow who can train mobility assistance dogs and diabetes alert dogs with you.


Are you looking for an assistance dog puppy? You're in the right place! 9 week old Rijör would like to help you! He has already passed the assistance dog suitability test and several of his siblings, who can also alert of medical emergencies, have already started working reliably in their new homes. The little puppy is currently still with his breeder and was born into a litter full of assistance dogs: Do you want to get to know Rijör? Read more about the little rascal! HERE


Rawik is 9 weeks old and has succesfully passed the suitability test as a PTSD assistance dog. As of now he can move out to live with a person with PTSD. Most of his siblings have already moved out and will also be assistance dogs. Do you want to train the little labradoodle as a PTSD assistance dog yourself? Don't wait - contact Rawik's breeder today! He's waiting for you! Read more about him! HERE


German Assistance Dog Center in Koenigswinter

The host of the show "The Vet" ("Der Tierarzt") visited the German Assistance Dog Center and interviewed assistance dog trainer Katharina Küsters about epilepsy alert dogs. Mrs. Küsters explained what makes alert dogs special. You can watch the video here. VIDEO



31st March 2019 - The newspaper Bild am Sonntag reports on diabetes alert dogs and carries out an interview with trainer Katharina Küsters. Read the article. BAMS

An insurance association for the first time takes on the cost of training a signal dog already owned by a man who rendered deaf in an accident, upon the suitability of the dog being ascertained.

If the dog is not suited to be a signal dog, the costs of another signal dog will also be covered.


Do you want to train your dog to be an assistance dog? Are you looking for a qualified trainer in Hamburg? As of now you can train your dog in Hamburg.


Do you live in Lübeck? Do you want to finally realize your dream of having an assistance dog? Then contact your trainer at the location right away!



The German drug store chain Rossmann reported on the German Assistance Center and an assistance dog who is being trained as an allergy signal dog. The dog is specially trained to detect traces of peanuts and to notify his owner, so that they can avoid an anaphylactic shock.


The German parliamentary fund has taken on the costs for a number of PTSD assistance dogs. In this month alone, two PTSD assistance dogs were taken on by the fund, one for owner training together with an assistance dog trainer, and one for a fully trained PTSD assistance dog.


An assistance dog has been authorized to move into a dormitory for the first time. Theo will help his mistress with her seizures, PTSD and depression.



Katharina Küsters is the first official expert on assistance dogs for the German Federal Association of Experts and Technical Consultants (Bundesverband Deutscher Sachverständiger und Fachgutachter e.V.)


News 2018

This month the German Assistance Dog Center celebrated more successful instances of insurance taking on the cost of assistance dogs:

The insurance company Pax-Familienfürsorge Versicherung paid for 20% of the training of an autism assistance dog as a gesture of goodwill.

The insurance company DBV Beamtenversicherung paid for 30% of the training of an PLS assistance dog in professional assisted training as a gesture of goodwill.

11.112.2018 Der Querschnitt - the information portal for the Manfred Sauer foundation reports on the German Assistance Dog Center and the work done by mobility assistance dogs