Program trained assistance dog

You would like to have a professionally trained assistance dog? Experienced assistance dog trainers of the Maltese Assistance Dog Centre T.A.R.S.Q. ® will gladly train an assistance dog individually for you, who can really help you. With the assistance dog trainer you discuss which tasks the assistance dog should take over and what is important to you with an assistance dog. You are also welcome to state your wishes regarding the breed or sex of the dog.

The assistance dog trainer selects a suitable puppy for you, which he trains for about 24 months. Maybe the assistance dog trainer already has a young dog in training that fits you perfectly and that you can get to know in a short time.

After the training period of the dog you will learn to work with your assistance dog, while the assistance dog trainer will instruct you in the practical handling and work with the dog. Even after the assistance dog has moved in with you, your assistance dog trainer will still be there to advise you. If you have any questions or problems, you can always ask your assistance dog trainer. Your assistance dog trainer will be happy to offer you training hours in the following months, so that you can feel secure in working with your new assistance dog. Should difficulties arise within the first two years or a task of your assistance dog no longer work perfectly, the assistance dog trainer will re-train your dog free of charge until your dog is able to master the task perfectly again.

If you would like to have a fully trained assistance dog, which will be trained individually according to your wishes, simply write an email to the foreign training department of the Maltese Assistance Dog Centre T.A.R.S.Q. ®. The department will then find a suitable assistance dog trainer for you, who has free capacity for the external training and would like to work with you on your way to becoming an assistance dog. Please briefly describe in the e-mail which type of assistance dog it is and whether you have special wishes for the dog or tasks. You will then discuss everything else personally with your assistance dog trainer.

You are looking for a fully trained assistance dog and live in Germany or neighbouring European countries?

We are happy to help you! Our assistance dog trainers do not only train regionally!
The Assistance Dog Centre T.A.R.S.Q. arranges foreign training dogs all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark. Of course, the assistance dog trainer will also come to you for training if you wish!

You can reach the external training department at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.