T.A.R.S.Q.® (pronounced like 'task') is the Assistance Dog Center's training concept. The Assistance Dog Center has made it its mission to offer people with a disability the best quality training of assistance dogs.

T.A.R.S.Q.® stands for


  • Training

    Each training session at the locations of the Assistance Dog Center is tailored to the needs of the client and the level of the dog. The training of every dog is individually planned by an experienced head assistance dog trainer to meet the wishes of the client. The assistance dog trainers carry out thorough, prepared and qualified training, with reference to the latest scientific findings. Each training session is individually planned on a weekly basis by experienced head assistance dog trainers, and is tailored to the level the dog was at in the previous training session. This guarantees optimal training, wherein the dog learns what it needs to do to really be able to help you!

  • Assessment

    Every dog, who begins its training at the Assistance Dog Center, is tested before the beginning of its training for its suitability as an assistance dog through more than 70 special temperament tests. When looking for puppies, the experienced head assistance dog trainers test puppy litters for as a long as necessary, until they find a puppy who's suitable for you.

This guarantees that only suitable puppies and dogs begin the training at the Assistance Dog Center, and later pass the exam to be able to reliably help you.

  • Respect

    All assistance dog trainers treat the clients with the upmost respect. The needs and wishes of the client are respected and accepted. The training is based on the wishes of the clients. The team at the Assistance Dog Center make an effort to help you as much as they possibly can. They provide you with detailed advice to help you decide if an assistance dog really is the best way to help you. All assistance dog trainers and employees are subject to the duty of confidentiality and treat all information sensitively. Training sessions only take place with the chosen assistance dog trainer. For the well-being of our clients, no interns or students are permitted at training sessions at the Assistance Dog Center.The highest respect is shown to the dog during every training session. The training is completely violence-free, and only positive reinforcement is used. A lot of value is placed on the dog doing the exercises willingly and with enjoyment during training, so that the dog will also enjoy working as an assistance dog later on. We also don't use force, jerking on the leash or negative amplifiers at the Assistance Dog Center.
  • Standards

    The highest standards for assistance dogs are observed during the training of all assistance dogs at the Assistance Dog Center. This pertains to both the nature of the assistance dog, and its behavior in public, as well as other essential guidelines.

This guarantees that your assistance dog is trained in accordance with the necessary guidelines, and behaves itself afterwards. This means that your assistance dog receives all the rights as an assistance dog, and can accompany you everywhere, and enter all buildings, cinemas, theaters, play areas, hospitals, stores, supermarkets, schools, work places, airplanes etc. with you, and is also internationally recognized as an assistance dog with the accompanying rights.

  • Quality

    The Assistance Dog Center places a lot of value on assistance dogs being trained, whether in owner-training accompanied by an assistance dog trainer or fully trained dogs, to the highest standards. It is equally important that the highest standards of quality are adhered to in each training session. Fewer experienced assistance dog trainers only carry out training with an experienced head assistance dog trainer. Every training session is observed and guided by a specially trained head assistance dog trainer, to guarantee that all training sessions are of the same high quality.